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Webdis is Full of Awesome

I’ve long wanted a lightweight system for gathering and graphing simple performance metrics without a lot of centralized processing. I could use something like StatsD from the Etsy folks but got inspired by reading about Redis at Disqus the other … Continue reading

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Slides for: Fusion-io and MySQL 5.5 at Craigslist

The slides from the talk I gave at Percona Live San Francisco yesterday are now available on slideshare (hopefully the embed works here too): View more presentations from Jeremy Zawodny. Overall, I enjoyed the conference–not just meeting up folks I … Continue reading

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MongoDB Data Types and Perl

In working to import a couple billion documents from MySQL into MongoDB, I’m trying to make sure I get it all right. And I recently stumbled upon one way in which I was getting to decidely wrong: data types. I … Continue reading

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When an example falls in your lap

As I recently noted, I’m giving a short talk at Percona Live about our experience with Fusion-io for MySQL at Craigslist. As is often the case, I agreed to give the talk before giving too much thought about exactly what … Continue reading

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Speaking at Percona Live in San Francisco

On Wednesday, February 16th, I’ll be attending Percona Live in San Francisco to hear about what’s new in the MySQL ecosystem and talk about our adoption of Fusion-io storage for some of our systems at Craigslist. Not only do we … Continue reading

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Redis 2.2 replication consistency with maxmemory and LRU

We’ve been running a version of Redis 2.2 RC at Craigslist for a few months now and it has been flawless. It has rapidly become the backbone of one of our internal systems. When I upgraded from the 2.0 series … Continue reading

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Suggestions for analysis of all craigslist postings?

I’m sure this will end up attracting far more (both in number and complexity) suggestions than I can reasonably implement, but I figured I’d ask anyway… I’m working on a project (discussed at the recent MongoSV conference) that will migrate … Continue reading

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Downsizing Computing

After going from the extreme of having too many computers at home to manage (I think people underestimate the “management overhead” involved of having more than a desktop and notebook), I’m finally approaching a more reasonable state. Just a few … Continue reading

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SMS Spam Filtering?

Recently I’ve seen SMS spam appearing on my Droid. That never happened a few years ago. It occurred to me that if this was Email instead of SMS, I’d have a “mark as spam” button to hit or the ability … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10 on the Lenovo Thinkpad T410s

I recently got a new notebook for work. After virtually no deliberation, I knew I’d get a Thinkpad. I’ve always had Thinkpads and mostly loved them. While not cheap, they’re built like tanks, very well thought out, and often run … Continue reading

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