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Seeking Sucks: Spoiled by SSDs

I’m in the process of rebuilding full-text indexes for a good sized document collection that lives in a sharded MongoDB cluster. And the funny thing about this is that I don’t really use MongoDB that much. I mean we put … Continue reading

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NoSQL is What?

I found myself reading NoSQL is a Premature Optimization a few minutes ago and threw up in my mouth a little. That article is so far off base that I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll … Continue reading

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Video from my MongoSF 2011 Talk

To go along with the Slides from my MongoSF 2011 Talk, the video is now on-line thanks to 10gen. I had a great time at MongoSF 2011, learned some important new things about MongoDB and got a sense of just how … Continue reading

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Speaking at MongoSF on May 24th

I’m a little late to be posting this the night before. In any case, tomorrow afternoon I’ll be presenting at MongoSF 2011. My talk title is Lessons Learned from Migrating 2+ Billion Documents at Craigslist and it picks up where my … Continue reading

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Redis Sharding at Craigslist

After reading Salvatore’s Redis Presharding, I thought I’d write up the sharding technique we use at Craigslist to take advantage of multiple cores, multiple hosts, and allow for painless growth (up to a point). Nodes The primary building block of … Continue reading

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Redis 2.2 replication consistency with maxmemory and LRU

We’ve been running a version of Redis 2.2 RC at Craigslist for a few months now and it has been flawless. It has rapidly become the backbone of one of our internal systems. When I upgraded from the 2.0 series … Continue reading

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Sharding is Hard

Reading the Foursqure/MongoDB post-mortem I’m struck by a few things. First, the folks at 10gen are doing a great job of being very open and upfront about what happened and how they hope to solve this problem so that it … Continue reading

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1,250,000,000 Key/Value Pairs in Redis 2.0.0-rc3 on a 32GB Machine

Following up on yesterday’s 200,000,000 Keys in Redis 2.0.0-rc3 post, which was a worst-case test scenario to see what the overhead for top-level keys in Redis is, I decided to push the boundaries in a different way. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Database Drama

There’s been a surprising amount of drama (in some circles, at least) about database technology recently.  I shouldn’t be surprised, given the volume of reactions to the I Want a New Datastore post that I wrote. (Hint: I still hear … Continue reading

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Testing Redis 2.0.0 Release Canidate with Perl

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming 2.0.0 release of Redis. As you can see in the changelog, I made a few minor contributions to this release. I’m most excited about being able to perform unions and intersections with sorted sets … Continue reading

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