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Chrome and Firefox Ad Blocking and Privacy Addons

For a while I’ve been using AdBlock Plus and Ghostery in both Chrome and Firefox to reduce the amount of shitty ads I see and also reduce the number of “trackers” that I’m exposed to on various web sites. But … Continue reading

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GNU Parallel and Block Size(s)

I’ve been a fan of GNU Parallel for a while but until recently have only used it occasionally. That’s a shame, because it’s often the simplest solution for quickly solving embarrassingly parallel problems. My recent usage of it has centered … Continue reading

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Installing Ubuntu (via crubuntu) on a Samsung 300 Series Chromebook

We’re getting ready for a trip in which we expect to take a lot of pictures. So I’d like to take a small, indexpensive computer along to handle the task of copying pictures from the cameras and memory cards to … Continue reading

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Seeking Sucks: Spoiled by SSDs

I’m in the process of rebuilding full-text indexes for a good sized document collection that lives in a sharded MongoDB cluster. And the funny thing about this is that I don’t really use MongoDB that much. I mean we put … Continue reading

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Handling Database Failover at Craigslist

There has been some interesting discussion on-line recently about how to handle database (meaning MySQL, but really it applies to other systems too) failover. The discussion that I’ve followed so far, in order, is: GitHub’s report on their automated failover … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Redis 2.6

In reading Short term Redis plans, I’m happy to see the “More introspection” section. For a long time some in the Redis community have asked for the ability to publish key names to a channel when they expire. And, while … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Real-Time Search using Sphinx

In the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with using real-time indexes in Sphinx to allow full-text searching of data recently added to craigslist. While this posting is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to what I’ve implemented (that … Continue reading

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Databases 10 Years Ago

In preparation for the talk I’m giving tomorrow, I was assembling a slide that looks back about 10 years ago and remembering what our database infrastructure was like back then. I was at Yahoo! during that time and our leading-edge … Continue reading

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MongoDB Pre-Splitting for Faster Data Loading and Importing

Once nice thing about playing with Webdis is that I can watch the import rate of my multi-billion document MongoDB import in nearly real-time. The downside of that is that I quickly found that once I got a few hundred … Continue reading

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Finally Learning Python using Google’s Videos

Back in 2006 I asked which language I should learn next: Ruby or Python. Well, I finally got around to feeding my brain a bit. I recently discovered Google’s Python Class and have watched the first few videos. So far … Continue reading

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