SuperSTOL N119AM

We purchased Just Aircraft SuperSTOL N119AM in Hayward, California in March of 2017. The airplane was built at the factory thru their builder assist program by its previous owner and completed in late 2013.

I’d been missing the fun of flying a taildragger and having a “just for fun” low and slow flying airplane, and this plane happened to be available, near by, and a good mix of fun and functionality.

True to the reviews we’d read beforehand, the SuperSTOL is a total blast to fly–especially when you have a nearby grass strip like the one at Columbia (O22), not to mention some private dirt strips. It’s very light, takes off in a few hundred feet and lands in even less. Best of all, thanks to the Rotax 912 engine, it’s very economical on fuel (91 octane auto gas).