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craigslist Charitable Fund Donates to the Perl Foundation

I’m very happy to see the announcement on the Perl Foundations’s home page this morning. According to craigslist¬†CEO¬†and former Perl Hacker Jim Buckmaster, “craigslist has gloried in and relied upon Perl for most of its software development for more than … Continue reading

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Visiting Frozen Tenaya Lake

Yesterday Kathleen and I visited Tenaya Lake in the Tioga Pass area of Yosemite National Park. The weather has been odd this season. While it’s been quite cold at the higher elevations, there’s been virtually no precipitation yet, so the … Continue reading

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Renewed Weight Loss, Health, and a new blog…

Back in mid-2006, I documented my fairly dramatic weight loss in a series of blog postings. Some of you may even remember that. It was on boingboing and all that. I went from a high of 224 pounds to a … Continue reading

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On Good Enough Code

Reading There’s no shame in code that is simply “good enough” (and the discussion on hacker news), I find myself strongly agreeing. I have this system I built about 3 years ago at craigslist. Since then it has been extended … Continue reading

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