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Redis 2.2 replication consistency with maxmemory and LRU

We’ve been running a version of Redis 2.2 RC at Craigslist for a few months now and it has been flawless. It has rapidly become the backbone of one of our internal systems. When I upgraded from the 2.0 series … Continue reading

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Suggestions for analysis of all craigslist postings?

I’m sure this will end up attracting far more (both in number and complexity) suggestions than I can reasonably implement, but I figured I’d ask anyway… I’m working on a project (discussed at the recent MongoSV conference) that will migrate … Continue reading

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Kilauea at Night

Last night after having a great dinner at the Kilauea Lodge, we ventured back to the Jaggar Museum along the crater rim for a chance to view the hot gasses coming out of the lava pool in the caldera. ¬†We … Continue reading

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Heading to Hawaii

In less than 24 hours we’ll arrive in Hawaii (staying on the big island) for a belated holiday vacation. It’s a lot cheaper if you go a week or two after the big holiday rush. We’ll be there for about … Continue reading

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Downsizing Computing

After going from the extreme of having too many computers at home to manage (I think people underestimate the “management overhead” involved of having more than a desktop and notebook), I’m finally approaching a more reasonable state. Just a few … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Dinner

A couple days ago my wonderful wife came home from Costco with some food we don’t often eat around here–including a couple of Lobster Tails! So we decided that New Year’s Eve dinner would be a bit fancier than the … Continue reading

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