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I Want a New Data Store

While there is a dizzying array of technologies that have the “NoSQL” label applied to them, I’m looking for one to replace a MySQL cluster. This particular cluster has roughly a billion records in it, uses a few TB of … Continue reading

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What NOT to focus on for on-line success…

This morning I came across a presentation by Drew Houston (CEO of Dropbox) called¬†Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned. On slide #24 I noticed a list of things they did poorly or didn’t do at all: hiring non-engineers mainstream PR traditional messgaing/positioning … Continue reading

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MySQL 5.5.4 is Very Exciting

Yesterday at the MySQL Conference, I spent time in a few sessions discussing the performance enhancements in the MySQL 5.5.3 and 5.5.4 milestone releases. What I saw made me very, very happy. In fact, the timing couldn’t be better. We’re … Continue reading

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Emacs and Perl cperl-mode Color Syntax weirdness after Ubuntu Upgrade

For a quite some time now I’ve been happily using Ubuntu on my desktop and the emacs-snapshot-gtk package of GNU Emacs to get good fonts and a recent Emacs. I edit a lot of Perl code and use cperl-mode to … Continue reading

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Congrats to RethinkDB

Congratulations¬†to the RethinkDB team on their fundraising round! 2010 will be an incredibly exciting year for database technology. The amount of stored information has long been increasing exponentially, presenting unprecedented challenges for modern technology companies. Dropping RAM prices and affordable … Continue reading

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Student Pilots: Beware of Sacramento Executive Airport

About three weeks ago, my wife Kathleen flew into Sacramento Executive Aiport (KSAC) as part of her solo cross-country flight. (That’s one of the final stages a student pilot goes through on the way to getting a Private Pilot Single … Continue reading

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