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NoSQL is Software Darwinism

In I Can’t Wait for NoSQL to Die, Ted Dziuba (who’s always good for a fun rant that includes a dose of reality) tries to make the point that real businesses use relational databases and that your startup isn’t Google. … Continue reading

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Best Oatmeal Recipe

Last year I discovered the joys of slow cooked steel cut oats. Ever since trying them, I’ve never been able to buy pre-packaged, processed, and flavored oatmeal that you see in boxes of single serving packs at the grocery store. … Continue reading

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This is how Open Source works

In Redis weekly update #1 – Hashes and… many more! Salvatore Sanfilippo (the author of Redis) describes the last week’s worth of changes to Redis.  The last item is about a bug I found when setting up cross-datacenter Redis replication … Continue reading

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First San Francisco Redis Meetup: March 25th

Thanks to Ted Nyman for organizing The first San Francisco Redis Meetup which will be on March 25th at the Engine Yard offices in SOMA. Last week I posted an idea to the idea board and it turned into the … Continue reading

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New Airplane: 2005 Flight Design CTSW (N722VJ)

After losing our Citabria (see: Citabria N5156X Landing Gear Accident), we set about looking for a new (well a replacement) airplane.  The main things we were after in the search were the following: 2 seats (more is better, but budget is an … Continue reading

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