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Left Handed Flying (finally)

A weird thing happened recently in my flying: I got comfortable flying left-handed. I started flying gliders as a teenager back in Michigan and have always had the stick in my right hand and used my left hand for things … Continue reading

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Aircraft Fighting the Rim Fire, seen from Pine Mountain Lake

Long time no blog.  With the Rim Fire raging up here, I’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter, though. We shot some pictures of the fire fighting aircraft this evening from the Pine Mountain Lake Marina before dinner.

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GoPro Videos from our Flight Design CTsw

The GoPro video camera has become increasingly popular in all sorts of “adventure” sports and outdoor activities. After seeing enough videos produced by glider flying friends, we decided to finally get one. And last weekend we set out to try … Continue reading

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U2 Flies Again!

On Saturday after its annual inspection, I got to test fly Kathleen’s glider, an ASW-19b (N982WT). I had a good flight and started to get a feel for the glider. Thanks for Mel for the annual and the folks down … Continue reading

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N722VJ Air to Air Photos

This gallery contains 18 photos.

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Sentaor Inhofe’s Poor Piloting Judgement

Reading this over at AVWeb make my blood boil. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) says he won’t guarantee he’ll be more vigilant about checking NOTAMs after he landed on a closed runway occupied by maintenance workers ten days ago in Texas. … Continue reading

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Student Pilots: Beware of Sacramento Executive Airport

About three weeks ago, my wife Kathleen flew into Sacramento Executive Aiport (KSAC) as part of her solo cross-country flight. (That’s one of the final stages a student pilot goes through on the way to getting a Private Pilot Single … Continue reading

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New Airplane: 2005 Flight Design CTSW (N722VJ)

After losing our Citabria (see: Citabria N5156X Landing Gear Accident), we set about looking for a new (well a replacement) airplane.  The main things we were after in the search were the following: 2 seats (more is better, but budget is an … Continue reading

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Citabria N5156X Landing Gear Accident

Back on December 26th, 2009 my wife Kathleen was flying with an instructor in the Citabria that we owned half of as part of her ongoing flight training toward her Single Engine Land pilot rating.  (She’s already a rated glider … Continue reading

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