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craigslist Charitable Fund Donates to the Perl Foundation

I’m very happy to see the announcement on the Perl Foundations’s home page this morning. According to craigslist¬†CEO¬†and former Perl Hacker Jim Buckmaster, “craigslist has gloried in and relied upon Perl for most of its software development for more than … Continue reading

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I actually tried learning Rails

A few months back I wanted to prototype some ideas that my wife and I have been tossing around for web sites that’d be fun to build up in our so-called spare time. I thought it would be smart to … Continue reading

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Perl, MD5, and Unicode

Pro Tip: Perl’s Digest::MD5 hates Unicode (and so should you). Here’s what I recently learned from perldoc Digest::MD5 recently (the hard way, of course): Perl 5.8 support Unicode characters in strings. Since the MD5 algorithm is only defined for strings … Continue reading

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