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Seeking Sucks: Spoiled by SSDs

I’m in the process of rebuilding full-text indexes for a good sized document collection that lives in a sharded MongoDB cluster. And the funny thing about this is that I don’t really use MongoDB that much. I mean we put … Continue reading

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NoSQL is What?

I found myself reading NoSQL is a Premature Optimization a few minutes ago and threw up in my mouth a little. That article is so far off base that I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll … Continue reading

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Video from my MongoSF 2011 Talk

To go along with the Slides from my MongoSF 2011 Talk, the video is now on-line thanks to 10gen.¬†I had a great time at MongoSF 2011, learned some important new things about MongoDB and got a sense of just how … Continue reading

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Slides from my MongoSF 2011 Talk

Due to a surprisingly long conversion delay, the slides from my talk at MongoSF 2011 are now available: I’m sure video will be available at some point too, which will make the slides quite a bit more useful. But if … Continue reading

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Speaking at MongoSF on May 24th

I’m a little late to be posting this the night before. In any case, tomorrow afternoon I’ll be presenting at MongoSF 2011. My talk title is Lessons Learned from Migrating 2+ Billion Documents at Craigslist¬†and it picks up where my … Continue reading

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MongoDB Pre-Splitting for Faster Data Loading and Importing

Once nice thing about playing with Webdis is that I can watch the import rate of my multi-billion document MongoDB import in nearly real-time. The downside of that is that I quickly found that once I got a few hundred … Continue reading

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MongoDB Data Types and Perl

In working to import a couple billion documents from MySQL into MongoDB, I’m trying to make sure I get it all right. And I recently stumbled upon one way in which I was getting to decidely wrong: data types. I … Continue reading

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Sharding is Hard

Reading the Foursqure/MongoDB post-mortem I’m struck by a few things. First, the folks at 10gen are doing a great job of being very open and upfront about what happened and how they hope to solve this problem so that it … Continue reading

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Always Test with Real Data

As I previously noted, I’m in the midst of converting some data (roughly 2 billion records) into documents that will live in a MongoDB cluster. And any time you move data into a new data store, you have to be … Continue reading

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