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Looking forward to Redis 2.6

In reading Short term Redis plans, I’m happy to see the “More introspection” section. For a long time some in the Redis community have asked for the ability to publish key names to a channel when they expire. And, while … Continue reading

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NoSQL is What?

I found myself reading NoSQL is a Premature Optimization a few minutes ago and threw up in my mouth a little. That article is so far off base that I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll … Continue reading

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Redis Sharding at Craigslist

After reading Salvatore’s Redis Presharding, I thought I’d write up the sharding technique we use at Craigslist to take advantage of multiple cores, multiple hosts, and allow for painless growth (up to a point). Nodes The primary building block of … Continue reading

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Webdis is Full of Awesome

I’ve long wanted a lightweight system for gathering and graphing simple performance metrics without a lot of centralized processing. I could use something like StatsD from the Etsy folks but got inspired by reading about Redis at Disqus the other … Continue reading

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Redis 2.2 replication consistency with maxmemory and LRU

We’ve been running a version of Redis 2.2 RC at Craigslist for a few months now and it has been flawless. It has rapidly become the backbone of one of our internal systems. When I upgraded from the 2.0 series … Continue reading

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