Databases 10 Years Ago

In preparation for the talk I’m giving tomorrow, I was assembling a slide that looks back about 10 years ago and remembering what our database infrastructure was like back then. I was at Yahoo! during that time and our leading-edge MySQL deployments were on machines that just under 1GHz processors running a 32bit operating system, with relatively small, slow, and expensive disks (no SSDs!).

Back then MySQL 3.23 was the norm, though brave folks like us were running MySQL 4.0 beta releases in production to take advantage of the new and improved replication. Remember when simply having replication was a big deal?!

And InnoDB was really, really new–not for the faint of heart.

Oh, how times have changed.

Nowadays, I could probably simulate our old Yahoo! Finance “feeds” infrastructure on my little Thinkpad laptop (8GB RAM, SSD, Core i5 CPU) in a handful of virtual machines.

Those were the good old days.

About Jeremy Zawodny

I'm a software engineer and pilot. I work at craigslist by day, hacking on various bits of back-end software and data systems. As a pilot, I fly Glastar N97BM, Just AirCraft SuperSTOL N119AM, Bonanza N200TE, and high performance gliders in the northern California and Nevada area. I'm also the original author of "High Performance MySQL" published by O'Reilly Media. I still speak at conferences and user groups on occasion.
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3 Responses to Databases 10 Years Ago

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  2. Humaraali says:

    The funtionality of Database is almost totally change than that database which worked 10 years ago. Here you highlighted the working procedure and functionality of that database in that article. I don’t have any idea about the working of that database but when i came accross at 0net and then this site. I acknowledge the working of it.

  3. Sarwarmonaf says:

    That article is about that Database which work 10 years ago. Like the above person i also don’t have idea about the working of that database because i don’t have use it yet. I started working with latest version of database which easy to understand. A site which name is webdatum help me to know basic information about that database and linux.

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