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Chrome and Firefox Ad Blocking and Privacy Addons

For a while I’ve been using AdBlock Plus and Ghostery in both Chrome and Firefox to reduce the amount of shitty ads I see and also reduce the number of “trackers” that I’m exposed to on various web sites. But … Continue reading

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I’m blogging again…

All the post Trump election crap in my Facebook “news” feed finally motivated me to spend less time there (just long enough to post links to my blog and look in the 2-3 groups I care about) and start writing … Continue reading

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iPad Annoyance: File Uploads in Safari

A few weeks ago I got a new iPad and have generally been quite happy with it. When paired with a wireless keyboard, I can even do some basic (lightweight) “work” on it as a remote terminal. But there’s a … Continue reading

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From the comments of Never Make Counter Offers on Bram Cohen’s weblog, …Money is really like a chronic disease, my financial situation is something that intrudes on what I want to do, and prevents me from doing it unless I … Continue reading

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Fighting Snakes Caught on Video

We spend just under a week in Tucson, Arizona for some required airplane maintenance recently. While there, we decided to visit the Saguaro National Park. While there we did a hike that took us along a dry riverbed where we … Continue reading

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Parting Advice from Steve Jobs

It’s hardly news at this point that Steve Jobs died today. And like many folks, I’m rather shocked by how quickly this happened, considering how recently he stepped down from his role as CEO of Apple. Though it’s incredibly sad … Continue reading

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