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Home Depot is a lost cause…

A couple weeks ago I decided to order some new tools for current and upcoming yard work. I decided that a set of devices that all use the same 40V rechargeable batteries was the way to go and, for reasons … Continue reading

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Today’s lame sales pitch…

I’m going to paste the full text of an email message that recently landed in my inbox and unfortunately wasn’t tagged as spam. But I won’t paste it in one blob, I’ll do it piece by piece so it is … Continue reading

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When Google Voice Transcription Goes Wrong…

Hilarity¬†ensues… Hey there, I decided to try to catch up with you and I just got back from him. So I got it yet. My My Sweet diarrhea certainly help. I can tell you a little more about it later … Continue reading

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iPad Annoyance: File Uploads in Safari

A few weeks ago I got a new iPad and have generally been quite happy with it. When paired with a wireless keyboard, I can even do some basic (lightweight) “work” on it as a remote terminal. But there’s a … Continue reading

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I’m Bad For Business!

Apparently Kevin Drum of Mother Jones thinks so. Check out the article Overpaid in D.C.¬†where I’m featured in a couple of fake government ID badges. Needless to say, arriving at the office today and sharing that link, I was greeted … Continue reading

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