I’m Bad For Business!

Apparently Kevin Drum of Mother Jones thinks so. Check out the article Overpaid in D.C. where I’m featured in a couple of fake government ID badges.

as seen in mother jones

Needless to say, arriving at the office today and sharing that link, I was greeted with more than the normal amount of laughter.

Seriously, MJ, how about a link or attribution at least?

UPDATE: here is the original source

About Jeremy Zawodny

I'm a software engineer and pilot. I work at craigslist by day, hacking on various bits of back-end software and data systems. As a pilot, I fly Glastar N97BM, Just AirCraft SuperSTOL N119AM, Bonanza N200TE, and high performance gliders in the northern California and Nevada area. I'm also the original author of "High Performance MySQL" published by O'Reilly Media. I still speak at conferences and user groups on occasion.
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5 Responses to I’m Bad For Business!

  1. Simon Temple says:

    Actually Jeremy, I remember you started the web spam movement in search engines, bad for business…certainly not.

  2. http://www.pogo.org/

    Kevin pulled form their site. It’s front page there. 🙂

  3. Hard to be so handsome and get listed everywhere! You are a legend.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I can’t stop laughing:-)

  5. Liporidex says:

    yeah – at least its a nice pic!

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