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Sharding is Hard

Reading the Foursqure/MongoDB post-mortem I’m struck by a few things. First, the folks at 10gen are doing a great job of being very open and upfront about what happened and how they hope to solve this problem so that it … Continue reading

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Always Test with Real Data

As I previously noted, I’m in the midst of converting some data (roughly 2 billion records) into documents that will live in a MongoDB cluster. And any time you move data into a new data store, you have to be … Continue reading

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My Motorola Droid Keyboard is Unnecessary

I’ve had a Motorola Droid for over six months now and have decided that the slide-out keyboard is totally unnecessary for my use. That’s a little surprising to me in retrospect, since I originally got the Droid for three reasons: … Continue reading

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How I Comment Perl Code

I realized a few days ago that I have a particular way of commenting my Perl code. I wonder if I’m unique in this way, or if these are habits I’ve picked up reading others’ code over the years. A … Continue reading

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1,250,000,000 Key/Value Pairs in Redis 2.0.0-rc3 on a 32GB Machine

Following up on yesterday’s 200,000,000 Keys in Redis 2.0.0-rc3 post, which was a worst-case test scenario to see what the overhead for top-level keys in Redis is, I decided to push the boundaries in a different way. I wanted to … Continue reading

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200,000,000 Keys in Redis 2.0.0-rc3

I’ve been testing Redis 2.0.0-rc3 in the hopes of upgrading our clusters very soon. I really want to take advantage of hashes and various tweaks and enhancements that are in the 2.0 tree. I was also curious about the per-key … Continue reading

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Coding Outside My Comfort Zone: Front-End Hacking with jQuery and flot

To folks who’ve read my tech ramblings over the years, it’s probably no surprise that I generally avoid doing front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) like the plague. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons I finally migrated my blog … Continue reading

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MySQL 5.5.4-m3 in Production

Back in April I wrote that MySQL 5.5.4 is Very Exciting and couldn’t wait to start running it in production. Now here we are several months later and are using 5.5.4-m3 on all the slaves in what is arguably our … Continue reading

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Database Drama

There’s been a surprising amount of drama (in some circles, at least) about database technology recently.  I shouldn’t be surprised, given the volume of reactions to the I Want a New Datastore post that I wrote. (Hint: I still hear … Continue reading

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The Dumb and The Smart of the Internet Age

In two competing but somewhat orthogonal essays in The Wall Street  Journal, Clay Shirky and Nicholas Carr ostensibly argue opposite sides of the Internet’s effects on society. In Does the Internet Make You Smarter? Shirky tries to put the Internet … Continue reading

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