Christmas on the Beach

Christmas on the Beach

Shot just south of Morro Bay, California.

About Jeremy Zawodny

I'm a software engineer and pilot. I work at craigslist by day, hacking on various bits of back-end software and data systems. As a pilot, I fly Glastar N97BM, Just AirCraft SuperSTOL N119AM, Bonanza N200TE, and high performance gliders in the northern California and Nevada area. I'm also the original author of "High Performance MySQL" published by O'Reilly Media. I still speak at conferences and user groups on occasion.
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2 Responses to Christmas on the Beach

  1. Mick T. says:

    Is that beach normally that quiet? I thought any beach close to LA would have more people on it, even on Xmas day.


  2. QueueNut says:

    Morro Bay and that beach are actually very far from Los Angeles. The beach is miles and miles long.

    Your photo was a reminder of good memories from living nearby while attending Cal Poly.

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